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Gameplay Engineer 

Job details

Posted: 11 August 2023
Location: London (remote) 
Dicipline: Software Engineering
Salary: Competetive salary 
Job type: Permanent

About the role:

AiCruits, in collaboration with The Multiplayer Group, is seeking a talented UI Programmer with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to join their growing development studio.
The Multiplayer Group is a development studio that helps other development studios make their multiplayer games better. They work with studios to create, develop, iterate and maintain their multiplayer games and associated tools, tests and documentation.

The Multiplayer Group is a renowned development studio dedicated to enhancing multiplayer games for other studios. They partner with game developers to create, refine, and maintain multiplayer games, including associated tools, tests, and documentation.

As a UI Programmer embedded directly within the client's engineering team, you will contribute to the development and enhancement of tools and technologies that empower both internal and external developers. You will work on various systems, such as player inventory, leaderboards, achievements, voice chat, parties, and other AI-driven online game features. Reporting to a Lead Software Engineer or Technical Director, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of these features.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing and implementing functionality for external clients in the AAA gaming industry.

  • Taking charge of UI implementation and ensuring its seamless integration.

  • Identifying and addressing potential risks in ongoing projects.

  • Applying sound software engineering principles to solve complex problems.

  • Proactively working to minimize technical and maintenance issues.

  • Advocating for quality in development processes for both MPG and their clients.


To be the right fit, you should have:

  • Strong engineering skills with professional experience in the gaming industry.

  • At least one or more shipped game under your belt.

  • Experience in PC game development.

  • Preferably, familiarity with consoles such as PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X.

  • Excellent proficiency in C++ programming.

  • Knowledge of game engines like Unreal (UE4), Unity, and other proprietary engines is desirable.

  • Highly desirable: Experience in developing multiplayer games.

  • Bonus: Experience with smart or mobile devices.

  • Attention to detail with a keen ability to comprehend and analyze directions.

  • Exceptional technical insight and a track record of completing technical tasks within deadlines.

  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with a receptive attitude towards constructive feedback.

  • Ability to take initiative and provide proactive solutions.

  • Excellent problem-solving, debugging, and optimization skills.


On offer:

- Opportunity to work across multiple AAA studios and titles from your own home
- Above market-rate salaries
- Generous annual leave

Get in touch to find out more!

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