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When time is short or if the need is temporary, freelancers are an smart option so you can continue focusung on your IT work smoothly. 

Through us, you can in a fast and flexible way expand your team with thre right skills needed. With more than 1,000 available freelancers in our database, we match your company with the right specialist in AI, IT, Digital or other technical related fields.

  • The right match and competence guaranteed. We quickly match your needs with more than +1,000 tech specialists from our network.

  • Immediate Availability: Many of our candidates are available immediately.

  • Simple contract agreements: No long consulting agreements or commitment periods.  

  • Flexibility and service: We simply adapt to you and your needs. Works agile with close contact throughout the process.

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Why work with us?

  • Competence Planning:

We have the right experience in building digital teams and help you with mapping the needs and the different roles.

  • Industry Network: 

With a total of 20 years in the IT industry, we have contacts and networks to help us find the right talent for your team.


  • Quality Assurance:

We are fundamentally AI and IT developers and can therefore assess the competence. For real!

  • Flexibility and service:

We adapt to you and your needs. Works agile and transparent with close contact throughout the process.  

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